SDG Snapshots

Tracey DeBlase Huston, Vice President, Penn State Outreach

Leading the way Q & A:
What is one action you take daily that contributes to a sustainable lifestyle?

I really love the Sustainable Development Goals articulated by the UN. Using those concepts as a set of guiding principles for my life and our work is a good place to start each day. For example, I try to “donate what I don’t use; Avoid throwing away food and wasting water; Use energy efficient appliances and light bulbs; and Recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum…”

What is one surprising fact/idea/concept you learned about sustainability in the last year?

There is a really interesting initiative underway in the Tampa Bay area, which I heard about earlier this Spring. Tampa’s recycling trucks are now displaying public service announcements/art work developed by Blake High School student Casey Sterling. He won an art contest sponsored by the Tampa Bay Solid Waste Authority. The city, partnering with creative students and teachers, has tried to increase the awareness of recycling by designing and applying compelling art and messaging to the bins of the recycling trucks to educate and inspire the community. The trucks are eye-catching and serve as “traveling billboards for why recycling is important.”

What is one sustainable practice you hope to adopt in the near future?

I need to remember to take re-useable grocery bags to the store so that I can avoid using plastic ones.

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