Living Lab Collaboration Opportunities

Penn State Sustainability Living Lab Collaboration Opportunities:

The Sustainability Institute staff wants to hear about your proposals for using Penn State campuses, facilities, and power purchase agreements in courses, research, and outreach activities. SI and the Office of Physical Plant encourage the development of Living Laboratory projects that use and improve Penn State operations while directly enhancing the University’s academic, research and service activities. Desired projects increase the sustainability of our own operations, serve as model projects for others outside of Penn State, and directly benefit student education.

​This page will be updated with new opportunities as they arise. Please review the projects below and select which one(s) you’d like to submit a proposal for.

Current Living Lab Collaboration Opportunities:

Lightsource bp 70 MW Solar Array in Franklin County

Project Details: On February 5, 2019, Penn State and Lightsource bp announced the development of a large-scale, ground-mounted solar array of over 150,000 solar panels near Penn State’s Mont Alto Campus. The installation gives Penn State and the communities surrounding the installation the opportunity to learn about solar array projects, and potentially interact with them. The Penn State operations staff who worked with Lightsource bp developed a contract that includes giving Penn State researchers and students the opportunity to propose how they would like to be involved. The Sustainability Institute is facilitating the collection of ideas and will work together with Penn State operations and Lightsource bp staff to select and develop the most feasible and beneficial projects. If you have an idea for a living lab opportunity related to this project, please email Dr. Meghan Hoskins,

More opportunities will be posted soon. Check back often or contact the Sustainability Institute for more information (

Recently Accepted Living Lab Collaboration Opportunities

Pennsylvania’s Solar Future: Comparing Potential Between Urban and Rural Areas
Stephen Mainzer, Ph.D. & Travis Flohr, Ph.D.

#SolarEcology is here in PA: Farming Electricity with the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
Seth Blumsack, Ph.D.
Brandy Robinson

Solar Array Affect on Birds
Linghao Zhong, Ph.D.

Image: Penn State