Energy use is the largest driver of Penn State’s direct greenhouse gas emissions and it costs over $20 million annually to provide heat, air conditioning, electricity and hot water to our buildings and fuel for our vehicle fleet that make our daily work possible and comfortable. The University has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 42 percent since 2005 through energy efficiency, installing equipment for Combined Heat and Power, awareness programs, investment in renewable energy and switching to more fuel efficient vehicles.

Penn State’s Physical Plant works consistently to improve buildings’ efficiency and welcome the actions that our faculty, staff, students and visitors can take to avoid energy use. The charts below provide historical information about the work that OPP has been doing throughout the Commonwealth system to lessen the carbon footprint of Penn State in Pennsylvania and the world.

For questions regarding this information, contact Shelley Mckeague, Office of Physical Plant Compliance Manager

This dashboard details Penn State’s greenhouse gas emissions by sector and scope. Click in to see totals, a breakdown by campus, and emissions per weighted campus users.