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Faculty, students, leaders and staff making a difference at Penn State

Nebraska Hernandez, Graduate Student in Geography, Environmental Justice Intern – “Mapping a Just and Sustainable Future for Pennsylvania”

Nebraska Hernandez is a graduate student in geography at Penn State and a current environmental justice intern at the sustainability institute. He works with Nyla Holland, another Penn State graduate student and environmental justice intern, and Peter Buck, academic programs manager at the Sustainability Institute. Using his expertise and experience in geography and GIS (geographic [...]

Darlene Clark, Retired College of Nursing Assistant Teaching Professor

Darlene Clark is a recently retired Assistant Teaching Professor from the College of Nursing at Penn State. She helped pioneer the incorporation of sustainability concepts into the college by creating a program to recycle clean medical waste products and bring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the nursing curriculum. Her work [...]

Dr. Sherri “Sam” Mason, Professor of Chemistry and Sustainability Coordinator

Dr. Sherri “Sam” Mason is the Sustainability Coordinator for Penn State Behrend. She has dedicated much of her research and work to sustainability and environmental chemistry. As a researcher, her work in freshwater plastics pollution led to the Microbeads Free Water Act of 2015. As a sustainability coordinator, she is [...]

Christine Tamburri, Penn State Senior, Geosciences, and President of Nittany Divers SCUBA Club

Leading the Way Q & A with Christine Tamburri: Is there anything specific that inspired you to get involved with sustainability issues? I have always had a love for the ocean, but after getting certified to SCUBA dive in 2016, I became obsessed with implementing sustainable practices to protect it [...]

Veronica H. Villena, Assistant Professor, Supply Chain & Information Systems, Smeal College of Business

Recipient, 2019 Jack Meredith Best Paper Award for the Journal of Operations Management for On the riskiness of lower-tier suppliers: Managing sustainability in supply networks Veronica, congratulations on the 2019 Jack Meredith Best Paper Award for On the riskiness of lower-tier suppliers: Managing sustainability in supply networks. What did this [...]

David Gray, Senior Vice President for Finance & Business/Treasurer

Leading the Way Q&A What is one action you take daily that contributes to a sustainable lifestyle? There are several I could cite, but I compost on a daily basis and have been doing this for several years. Removing food waste, in particular, from the waste stream is something I [...]

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