Faculty Curriculum Development Award

Due Friday, April 12

Student Sustainability Impact Awards

Nominations will reopen in Jan 2025

John Roe Sustainability Impact and Curriculum Development Awards

The Dr. John Roe Fund for a Just and Sustainable Future honors the late Penn State mathematics professor Dr. John Roe, who was passionate about sustainability and the outdoors and worked tirelessly to incorporate these values into his teaching.

There are two award tracks benefitted by the Fund. The first, is the John Roe Sustainability Impact Award, which annually recognizes students who cultivate opportunities to advance the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, while demonstrating personal integrity and an unwavering commitment to fostering justice and to strengthening partnerships.

The second track, the John Roe Sustainability Curriculum Development Award, is offered each year in collaboration with various Penn State partners and calls for the creation of new or revised courses with a focus on sustainability. This year the collaboration between Penn State Sustainability, the College of Liberal Arts Contemplative Colloquium, and the Rock Ethics Institute, calls for five new courses to be developed or revised to emphasize a focus on mindfulness and sustainability. The Dr. John Roe Fund for a Just and Sustainable Future seeks to advance a curriculum that promotes sustainability in practice, including contemplative practices, awareness of the living world, and compassionate, kind, and peaceful action.

The 2019-20 award winners at the recognition ceremony with Liane Roe, John Roe’s widow, who established the Dr. John Roe Fund for a Just and Sustainable Future.

Nick Unis
University Park
2020 Award Winner

Whitney Ashead
University Park
2020 Award Winner