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Lee Kump, John Leone Dean, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Leading the way Q & A:
What is one action you’ve taken recently that contributes to a sustainable lifestyle?

My wife and I are attracted by the convenience of prepared foods, and recently received a gift from our son of two weeks worth of meals shipped to us by mail order. Wonderful meals, but the packaging (ironically identified as “Earth friendly”) associated with these shipments filled two trash bags in the first week. Not to mention the cost to the environment of shipping these meals from distant places. So, while we appreciate our son’s sentiment, we’re canceling and doing what we can to “buy local.”

In the below photo, Dr. Kump (right) passes along this lifestyle change to grandson Hayden during a trip to the local farmers’ market and pays a visit to Michael Arthur, Professor Emeritus of Geosciences (left).

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