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David Gray, Senior Vice President for Finance & Business/Treasurer

Leading the Way Q&A
What is one action you take daily that contributes to a sustainable lifestyle?

There are several I could cite, but I compost on a daily basis and have been doing this for several years. Removing food waste, in particular, from the waste stream is something I think more households should investigate.

What is one surprising fact/idea/concept you learned about sustainability in the last year?

I learned that large-scale solar arrays could actually make financial sense from a return on investment (ROI) perspective for large organizations like Penn State. Prior to that revelation, I labored under the assumption that solar projects, while environmentally sensible, could not be justified on an ROI basis. I was happy to be proven wrong and Penn State is now embarking with a partner to build the largest solar array in Pennsylvania.

What is one sustainable practice you hope to adopt in the near future?

While I have moved away from many unsustainable habits, our household, and our workplace for that matter, is still too reliant on bottled water. While we recycle all these materials, I would like to see us divest ourselves of these altogether.

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