Access to knowledge, skills, or technology about food security, sustainable agriculture, and sustainable aquaculture is provided by Penn State to local farmers and food producers through:

  • PSU Agricultural Extension – A variety of sustainable agriculture programs share skills and knowledge to all 67 counties across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • The Student Farm offers community outreach and engagement programs to provide diverse opportunities for engagement with sustainability challenges and solutions in food and agricultural systems. The annual Harvest Festival brings together more than a 1,000 people to the farm. IN addition, the Student Farm hosts regular webinars
  • The PSU Campus Gardens website provides information about gardens on campuses across the state that aim to educate the campus about our food system and engage the local community in the process.
  • Penn State College of Agricultural Science – Ag Progress Days is an annual event that showcases new programs/technology for sustainable agriculture.
  • The Symposium on Emergency Food Resilience – this annual event is free and open to campus and community to learn about the latest research on the topic.
  • Research – Access to food security and sustainable agriculture knowledge has been made available to a local and global audience by Penn State professors. For example, the article Urban agriculture can help, but not solve, city food security problems was published in Environmental Science and Technology in 2021.