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TerraCycle logoWhat is TerraCycle, and how does it work?

TerraCycle, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Princeton University graduate and environmental entrepreneur Tom Szaky. The company collects hard-to-recycle items from around the world and converts them into consumer products that are available at major retailers like Walmart and Whole Foods. The operation is organized into brigades, each of which focuses on a particular hard-to-recycle item like candy wrappers or Scotch® tape. These items are collected and shipped to TerraCycle’s corporate headquarters in New Jersey, where they are then processed into household goods. TerraCycle pays all shipping costs AND makes a donation to charity for each brigade collection it receives. You and your colleagues can get in on the action by joining a TerraCycle brigade today! Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be on your way to a zero-waste workplace.

A TerraCycle collection station in the HUB-Robeson Center

How to become a TerraCycler:

Joining the TerraCycle movement at Penn State is easy! Many Green Teams have already partnered with national TerraCycle brigades, and you can simply sort your items into the listed categories and deposit your hard-to-recycle items at their designated on-campus collection locations (like the one pictured at right located at the HUB's second floor lounge). Alternatively, you and your colleagues can apply to a brigade independently by contacting TerraCycle.

Please make sure to sort your items to help out our Brigade leaders.

Benefits of TerraCycle:

Sending hard-to-recycle items like candy wrappers and plastic cups to TerraCycle keeps those items out of landfills. TerraCycling helps reduce the demand on landfill space by providing an ecologically sound alternative to traditional waste disposal. Additionally, TerraCycle has embraced the idea of corporate social responsibility by donating part of its profits to charitable organizations! Beneficiaries include THON, the United Way, and international clean water programs. The more items you collect, the more money you can raise for a worthy cause! 

Participating Green Team (contact information below):

Cereal Bags
- Outreach Green Team

Colgate Oral Care Brigade
- Hort Woods Daycare
- Methodology Center
- Outreach Green Team

Dairy Tub Brigade
- Green Innovations GT

Diaper Packaging Brigade
- Hort Woods Daycare

Elmer's Glue Crew Brigade
- Hort Woods Daycare

Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade
- HUB Green Team
- Physical Sciences
- Registrar's Office

Lunch Kit Brigade
- HUB Green Team

Paired Shoe Brigade
- Outreach Green Team

Personal Care & Beauty Brigade
- Green Innovations GT
- Methodology Center
-​ Center for Workplace Learning and Performance
- Burrowes-Old Botany Green Team

Scotch Tape Brigade
- Hort Woods Daycare
- Registrar's Office

Snack Bag Brigade
- HUB Green Team

*For full brigade descriptions, please visit the TerraCycle website


diagram of terracycling collectin process


Green Teams contact information:

Burrowes- Old Botany Green Team

Drop-off location: 431A Burrowes Bld
Contact: Sarah Denes (
Proceeds benefit: TBD

Center for Workplace Learning and Performance Green Team

Drop-off location: 420 James Elliott Building
Contact: Jennifer Clouser (
Proceeds benefit: TBD

Green Innovations Green Team

Drop-off location: 212 The 103 Building at Innovation Park
Contact: Karen Hulett ( or Pam Nisewonger (
Proceeds benefit: Relay for Life

Hort Woods Daycare Green Team

Drop-off location: The Hort Woods Center
Contact: Jennifer Hooven (
Proceeds benefit: Hort Woods Scholarship Fund

HUB (Student Affairs) Green Team

Drop-off location: HUB-Robeson Center, Room 237
Contact: Heide Port (
Proceeds benefit: THON

Methodology Center Green Team

Drop-off location: Methodology Center (400 Calder Square II)
Contact: Amanda Applegate (
Proceeds benefit: United Way

Outreach Green Team

Drop-off location: 240 Outreach Building  and the 2nd Floor Break Room at Outreach
Contact:  Barbara Taylor  (
Proceeds benefit: St. Paul’s United Methodist Church’s Nicaragua Backpacks and Scholarships and Arbor Day Foundation

Performing Arts Green Team

Drop-off location: Eisenhower Auditorium -OR- PSU Downtown Theater 
Contact: Peg Lucas ( Shannon Bishop (
Proceeds benefit: Providing homeless, runaway, or at-risk children with a year of school supplies to pursue their studies.

Physical Sciences Green Team

Drop-off location: 525 Davey Lab
Contact: Laurie Dasher (
Proceeds benefit: Discovery Space Children's Museum

Registrar's Office Green Team

Drop-off location: 114 Shields Building
Contact: Kaye Keith (
Proceeds benefit: TBD