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Register for Penn State’s Climate Solutions Symposium. This two-day event will bring together a diverse array of participants to explore projects and partnerships that address the challenges of climate change. The symposium will feature speakers and presenters at the forefront of identifying, developing, and implementing climate solutions.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 14–15, 2024

The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center

Registration is free but required

Join us for an impactful two days with insightful plenaries, collaborative breakout sessions, an engaging poster session, and exceptional networking opportunities.

The Penn State Climate Solutions Symposium 2024 is designed to discuss and develop actionable solutions and enduring partnerships. By bringing together diverse minds and expertise, we can unlock the potential for significant advancements in climate solutions.

  • Unparalleled Networking Opportunities: At the heart of the symposium is the opportunity to connect with a broad spectrum of professionals, researchers, and innovators. Build valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and spark collaborations that can extend well beyond the symposium.
  • Partnership Potential: The symposium emphasizes the creation and strengthening of partnerships across academic, private, and public sectors. Beyond discussions and presentations, the symposium is an opportunity to contribute to or initiate climate solution projects on a local, national, or global scale.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Climate change solutions require the convergence of multiple disciplines. The symposium is your arena to partner with individuals from varied backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives and solutions to the table.
  • Expert Insights and Innovations: Be inspired by leading thinkers and doers in the climate change space. Gain insights into successful partnerships and projects that have made a tangible impact and explore how these models can be adapted to your work.