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Sustainable Watersheds Program


Matthew Royer,

About the Project

The Sustainable Watersheds Program was funded by Penn State's Sustainability Institute's Reinvention Fund at the University Park campus in the amount of $22,500.

The overarching goal of the Sustainable Watersheds Program is to promote, restore and maintain healthy local watersheds through collaborative community engagement and engaged scholarship.

The program will offer increased opportunities to bring the university’s research, outreach and education strengths out of the classroom and into local watersheds, thereby:
  • Strengthening the university’s connections to and relationships with the local communities, people and landscapes of which we are a part;
  • Providing Penn State students with enriching place-based learning and engaged scholarship;
  • Providing researchers with opportunities to have their research applied by willing partners;
  • Advancing collaboration and cooperation among multiple partners with similar objectives; and
  • Leveraging the strengths of the university and local community partners to accelerate adoption of land management practices that result in healthy, vibrant, and sustainable watersheds.

The program will develop and facilitate a dynamic, diverse partnership consisting of multiple academic units and local community partners working together to increase excitement for clean water and adoption of land management practices to improve water quality. The program will also employ a shared discovery process to explore approaches to sustain healthy watersheds threatened with land impacts and nonpoint source pollution, where environmental, economic, and social processes are complex and intertwined.

Take a look at what The Sustainable Watersheds Program has been up to:

The Sustainable Watersheds Program partnered with the local Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited on a riparian buffer planting at the McCoy Dam site along Spring Creek in Milesburg, Pennsylvania.

Upcoming Events

  • Register for the Oct. 25 Stormwater Workshop.
  • Register for Nov. 3 Watershed Summit.