The university publishes progress against the SDGs in the Sustainability Institute biennial report and on SDG10 in news and journal articles. Reports on SDG10 can be accessed online using the Pure Elsevier search and on our SDG10 webpage by clicking the Research icon. The Action Together website provides information about University initiatives and progress update related to advancing inclusion, equity, and diversity. 

In the university Strategic Plan, Advancing Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity is a which is tracked as part of the plan. Penn State established four planning goals related to empowering and promoting the social, economic and political inclusion of all:  

  1. Foster a culture of respect and inclusion that values the experiences and perspectives of faculty, staff, and students; 
  1. Develop and implement curricula and scholarship that interrogate social issues and inspire social responsibility; 
  1. Evaluate and rectify organizational structures, policies, and practices that cause differential impact and limit access and opportunities for faculty, staff, and students at Penn State; and, 
  1. Recruit, support, and advance a diverse student body, faculty, and staff. 

The Penn State Select Presidential Commission on Racism, Bias, and Community Safety did a holistic review of the University’s operations and made recommendations to advance greater diversity, equity and inclusion across the university.