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Woldwide teach-in

The pressing reality of climate change requires us to urgently engage with two ideas: (1) time is very short, and (2) realistic solutions are possible. The coming ten years will be the most decisive in history, not only for us and our children, but in fact for every human being and living creature who will walk the face of the earth from now until the end of time. Led by Bard College, today will mark a global effort to have classroom discussions about how we can solve climate change TODAY and not in the distant future.

Penn State is leading a Pennsylvania-based discussion for this event entitled “Storytelling: Winning the Climate Narrative” that will explore the power of effective storytelling both to help envision and to effect climate action. Panelists include award-winning journalist Seamus McGraw; composer and vocalist Leah Mullen; poet and Penn State Altoona English professor Todd Davis; and sustainability activist and Penn State student Bella Briseño.

The event is free and open to all online.