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This highly interactive workshop, led by Spud Marshall, will bring together faculty, staff, and local nonprofit leaders with domain knowledge in the focus areas of agriculture and environmental sustainability.

The primary objective: Provide student teams with ideas to enter the 2024 Nittany AI Challenge by bringing together subject matter experts to share their knowledge with students to assist them in understanding real world problems where they might practically apply AI and ML in innovative ways. We also hope to identify faculty who may want to serve in the role of mentor.

Specifically, this facilitated workshop will enable:

  • domain experts to share problems and challenge areas in a broad sense
  • students to explore various domain challenges and brainstorm ideas together
  • students to form teams (combining domain with AI technology expertise) around common areas of interest

Undergraduate and graduate students should attend if they:

  • want to gain experience with the practical application of AI
  • want to solve real world problems using this technology
  • can provide ideas and domain expertise
  • are looking for a team or team members for the Nittany AI Challenge

Faculty, staff, and nonprofit professionals should attend if they:

  • want to share their knowledge and understanding of problems in their domain area of expertise
  • are interested in learning more about AI and its potential impact
  • may want to learn more about serving in the role of mentor to a student team

Pre-registration is required HERE.