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Got the “water blues”? Are you experiencing drought, flooding, water pollution, public health risks from water? What’s the solution? Too often in the past the answer was always massive infrastructure projects — more concrete poured and pipes laid that led to their own further water blues. But more and more, communities are starting to take a different approach that emphasizes working with nature and our environment rather than against it.

WPSU’s award-winning Water Blues, Green Solutions looks at case studies in Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Portland to see how cities are addressing water crises in innovative ways. From planting green spaces to provide both natural areas and to control stormwater runoff in Philly, to protecting dwindling water supplies in drought-prone Texas, this engaging documentary shows how ingenuity can turn crises into opportunities to solve more than one challenge in our quest for a sustainable future.

(Shown in partnership with the Penn State Water Festival)