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Join the Sustainability Institute and the Yes Men for the fourth film in the Intersections film program.

Do you have the guts to be a Yes Man? Would you be willing to pose as a Dow Chemical executive, go on the BBC and take an ethical stance on behalf of Dow, even if that knocked $2 billion off its stock price? Would you dress up in a gold lame bodysuit with a giant phallus and present to a World Trade Organization conference to point out that neoliberal economics perpetuate a modern form of slavery?

Most of us aren’t that daring or bold, but that’s what makes The Yes Men, a team of guerilla satire artists so incredible and so globally effective at shining light on multiple sustainability challenges. But in their third film, Yes Men Are Revolting, we see that this boldness has a personal cost on their families, relationships, and sense of efficacy. A deeply personal look at the costs of being an activist, the film also provides moments of absurdist joy, as their satire lands on officials and executives who want to deny sustainability challenges exist. Following the film, we’ll have a discussion with representatives from the Yes Men and scholars who study the effectiveness of satire and “laughtivism.” This is one you don’t want to miss!