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On Wednesday,February 7th at 7pm (EST), Penn State Sustainability will show a program of short films as part of its ongoing Intersections Film Series program. This upcoming showing, from the Soundings series, revolves around issues of water justice and access to effective water and wastewater infrastructure. It is being screened in collaboration with the Penn State Water Council. A post-film breakout discussion will occur after the films are screened. The free event will take place over Zoom. To register, please go to the Intersections website at https://intersections.psu.edu/saving-juliette/. Free and open to all!

Films to be screened include:

Sarah Franke’s Wastewater: A Tale of Two Cities shows how differently two neighboring Alabama communities experience runoff, with communities of color bearing the brunt of injustice.

Evey Wilson Wetherbee’s Saving Juliette shows that access to water justice is not only a question of race, as even white, middle class communities are increasingly in jeopardy of losing access to safe water systems, as the community of Juliette, Georgia confronts the political power of Georgia Power to prevent proper oversight of toxic waste threatening town wells.

In both films, communities are galvanized to confront injustice and to find allies who can help make clean water and wastewater a right for all, regardless of race, class, or location!

Following the screening, the Penn State Water Council will host a discussion panel featuring experts from Penn State and across the Commonwealth discussing water justice issues in Pennsylvania.