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Dr. Heather Price will deliver a virtual talk on Climate Justice Integrated Learning in STEM on Monday, April 11th, 7:00 – 8:00pm (EDT)

Dr. Price leads the Climate Justice Across the Curriculum at North Seattle College and the NSF project Climate Justice in Undergraduate STEM Incorporating Civic Engagement (C-JUSTICE)

Abstract: Our students learn about climate change from the news and in many of our classes, and they are hungry for what to do with that knowledge and how to connect it within their careers and communities. Climate touches and belongs in every subject we teach, from Humanities, business, and health sciences, to all areas of STEM. Dr. Price will share her work leading the Climate Justice Project at North Seattle College. This initiative seeks to build bridges between disciplines to help faculty incorporate climate justice and civic engagement into their core curriculum, in ways that empower students and encourage student retention and success. In today’s talk Dr. Price will share ideas of how and why to integrate climate justice and civic engagement into STEM, with examples from several STEM courses.

Webinar Link: https://psu.zoom.us/j/98117003723

Hosting organizations:
Mathematics Association of America Special Interest Group for Environmental Mathematics (SIGMAA EM),
Penn State Eberly College of Science Sustainability Council