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Barbara Korner, Dean, College of Arts and Architecture

Leading the way Q & A:
What is one action you take daily that contributes to a sustainable lifestyle?

I drive a hybrid vehicle, and have for 9 years. I also rinse out all cans for recycling, a requirement for recycling in Seattle where my family lived for the decade of the 1990’s. Also, we purchase milk in glass containers at a local dairy.

What is one surprising fact/idea/concept you learned about sustainability in the last year?

I learned about the myriad problems caused by plastic in our environment due to the Plastic Entanglements exhibit at Palmer Museum of Art on campus. Though aware earlier of some of the problems of entangling fish and birds in some of the packaging, the exhibit, lectures and other readings made me more aware of how plastic never goes away and is more dangerous than imagined. The growing island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, wildlife consuming plastic and the reality that it NEVER disintegrates has caught my attention more than ever.

What is one sustainable practice you hope to adopt in the near future?

Carrying reusable utensils and stainless steel straws to avoid using plastics for takeout or in restaurants. Also, eliminating as much plastic from my purchases as I can.

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