Yes, the university offers educational programs and outreach for local or national communities on sustainable management of land for agriculture and tourism.


The Student Farm offers free and paid programs on sustainable agriculture and nutrition. Some events are planned and hosted by Student farm staff and students. Other events are collaboratively hosted to support gardeners of all kinds and promote the community gardens located throughout the State College area.  Events have included a Community Seed Swap,  growing seedlings on campus for Meals on Wheels participants to select and have delivered to their homes in five-gallon buckets.

The Outreach program at Penn State provides free materials on sustainable agriculture on topics from small-scale cricket production to conservation biocontrol. 


The Extension Office offers free publicly available resources (programs, webinars, etc.) for sustainable land management and agriculture. Land management programs include webinars, workshops, online course, and videos. Webinars, videos, and most workshops are free. Online courses have an associated fee of $39-$135 USD.

Tourism resources include articles, news, and webinars and are all available for free.