Penn State does measure the amount of food waste from food served at 9 Residential Dining locations across 5 campus locations: University Park, Harrisburg, Altoona, Behrend, and Berks. Other campuses do not have enough student residents on site or enough on campus population to offer food services. Therefore, we cannot report numbers for the entire university system. The following information reflects only those with dining services.

  • According to Residential Dining LeanPath records (LeanPath is the system used to measure pre- and post-consumer food waste), in 2022 food waste totaled 175.23 tons/386,312.2 lbs/175,228.25 kg/79.48 Mt.
  • Population on campuses with dining services totaled 59,354.0 FTE (60,722 enrolled).
  • Fall 2022 student enrollment across the university – including the law school and medical school – was 80,938.2 FTE (88,116 enrolled).

At the Unviersity Park campus, the food waste was sent to the university compost facility to be turned into soil that is used on university landscaping grounds. The Live On website highlights other Food Waste efforts of Penn State Food Services.