Yes, the university Waste Reduction Task Force has outlined an action plan in their 2019 Report. A primary recommendation they outlined is to encourage waste reduction across campus via reusable mugs, beverage cups, and other reusable food containers and to reduce single-use plastic bags. 

The university is exploring, with the guidance of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs Manager and the interim director of the composting facility, how to improve the composting operation that, if done, will enable us to reduce single-use plastics and convert to compostable food service ware.  The dining commons have reusable to go packaging available. 

As of August, 2023, Penn State Housing and Food Services will no longer use Styrofoam products at its residential dining locations at University Park and the Commonwealth Campuses. All dining locations will use either recyclable or compostable containers. See the news story HERE.

The university Recycling Policy establishes a Recycling and Reuse Policy with a targeted goal to develop and implement a policy that will promote waste reduction at the University to include recycling, reuse, composting, and green purchasing.