Yes, the university participates in international collaboration on gathering or measuring data for the SDGs.

Penn State gathers and measures SDG data as a member of the Water, Energy, Food Nexus in Africa Initiative. This network of academic, public and private sector institutions addresses scientific, social, environmental and engineering challenges at the water-energy-food nexus. A Penn State faculty member is the initiative’s director 

As a member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network we partner with a variety of organizations to assess progress towards SDG achievement at the national and local level. 

Penn State is a research collaborator for Project Drawdown which supports and advances the gathering and measuring of data for the SDGs. 

Our Experiential Digital Global Engagement program supports faculty focused on addressing SDGs with a Central Asia University Partnership grant from the American Councils for International Education. 

Penn State collaborates with the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe to support the Global Building Network aimed at advancing building science, construction, and management to address SDGs.