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Faculty across the University’s commonwealth campuses, colleges, and all disciplines are encouraged to attend.

We will discuss materials ranging from current research on planetary boundaries, environmental justice, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, curricular planning, ethical dialogue, and systems and temporal thinking.

Workshop leaders: Dr. Peter Buck, the Sustainability Institute’s Academic Programs Manager; Dr. Nagwa Elnwishy, Sustainability Education Fellow at the Sustainability Institute; and Dr. Mark
Sentesy, Liberal Arts Sustainability Council Chair.

Guest faculty will attend sessions, discussions, and take field trips with various experts in sustainability education and practice.

Over the three days, guest faculty will be able to:
– Understand and develop a common language for sustainability
– Connect it to their disciplines and coursework
– Explore new perspectives of sustainability in interactive activities
– Visit some of the Penn State community’s sustainable assets, developed units and whole courses that span the disciplines and creative integration of sustainability
– Build a supportive community of practice from different disciplines and backgrounds.

– Guest faculty are expected to fully participate in the three day training and activities.
– By the end of the workshop, guests are expected to give a presentation to illustrate and share ideas of how they will embed sustainability concepts into their courses, and their new approaches to teach those courses.
– Upon completion of the workshop, guests will be have a plan to deliver their changes.

More details will be discussed during the workshop.

Expenses: Attendees will receive $500 of supplemental pay for developing new or revised materials. They will be expected to share these materials with the group at a later date. The Sustainability Institute will cover all lodging and travel-related expenses.

Capacity: Workshop attendance will be capped at fifteen.

Attendance: Participants are encouraged to attend in person. However, to accommodate Covid-19 precautions, we will work to make it possible to join the workshop remotely, or in a hybrid.