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TOPIC: “Not so radical after all? A re-framing of value influences in science”

SPEAKER: Wendy Parker, Professor of Philosophy, Virginia Tech

Wendy Parker is professor of philosophy at Virginia Tech Parker’s research focuses mainly on the epistemology and methodology of contemporary science with a particular focus in how computer simulation models are used in scientific practice (for prediction, explanation, etc), how these models should be evaluated, and how uncertainty associated with their results should be represented and communicated. Her work has been published in a variety of journals in both philosophy of science and meteorology/climate science.

The Science and Values in Climate Risk Management Speaker Series hosts invited speakers to generate discussion bridging the scientific and ethical sides of climate change research. The speakers will present new ideas designed for an interdisciplinary audience.

This series is organized by the Center for Climate Risk Management and the Climate and Sustainability Ethics Initiative in the Rock Ethics Institute, which is convened by Casey Helgeson, Klaus Keller, and Nancy Tuana.