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Session 7 Sustainability behind A Marvelous Order
Facilitator: Eric McKee, PhD, Professor of Music Theory
Presenters: Judd Greenstein, Composer, and Joshua Frankel, Director/Animator
Explore sustainability behind A Marvelous Order, a multimedia opera about the battle between Robert Moses, the Master Builder, and Jane Jacobs, the self-taught oracle of unparalleled urban insight, over the fate of New York City.
The Sustainability Teaching Roundtable Series is organized by Mihyun Kang, College of Arts & Architecture Director for Sustainability (mkang@psu.edu), and Peter Buck, Academic Program Manager at the Sustainability Institute. The College of Arts & Architecture Sustainability Council Teaching and Learning Working Group also contributes to the roundtable series. Faculty, staff, and graduate students from all academic units are invited to join all Sustainability Roundtable sessions.
Please email questions about the event to aasustainability@psu.edu.