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Artist Amie Bantz has created her exhibit on “Lunchbox Moments” to capture the formative occurrences in many Asian Americans’ lives where a traditional Asian meal is eaten at school or at home and the meal elicits some sort of reaction, whether it be positive or negative. “I have a lunchbox moment; my mom has a lunchbox moment; nearly all of my AAPI community members have a lunchbox moment,” said artist Amie Bantz. These stories make up a collective identity that is equal parts profound, beautiful, comical, and heartbreaking. 

Sharing these stories not only empowers the AAPI community in light of recent attacks on Asian Americans in the U.S., by highlights the commonality of experiences across many people of color. Amie Bantz presents: Lunchbox Moments: Seek Understanding. Share Stories. Stop Hate. The displayed boxes are a collection of narratives from members of the AAPI community and are a visual representation of storytelling showcasing the Asian-American experience. Penn State students will also have the opportunity to share their stories and create a lunchbox of their own during her visit to University Park. Be empowered and let us raise awareness together. 

Register for Art in Action: Lunchbox Moments. This workshop will be an opportunity for shared storytelling and a chance to capture your own lunchbox moment. Space is limited and registration required to ensure free supplies for participants