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The effects of climate change are already being felt across the Pennsylvania in the form of more severe weather, flooding, changes in our forests and other ecosystems, and human health impacts– but are there ways to reduce the amount of carbon in the air through forest management and carbon capture and storage (CCS)? Learn how DCNR is using science and innovation to respond to the issue of our time.

Please join Michele Cooney, Shawn Lehman, and other DCNR staff in a conversation about methods for carbon sequestration and how science and technology can meet the challenges of climate change.

Link: https://dcnr.webex.com/wbxmjs/joinservice/sites/dcnr/meeting/download/8291c438b7c24aabbafa4145fe262636?siteurl=dcnr&MTID=m8186274d4256e447dd16b7563103f34f