Thank you for your interest in the “2022 Sustainability Spotlight”! On January 20th, we gathered virtually to host an evening celebrating Penn State’s sustainability progress and future directions. Together, we heard from sustainability champions across the university. 

If you missed the event or just want to relive some of the highlights from the 2022 Sustainability Spotlight, you’ll want to check out the following resources. Enjoy!


Full Event Recording 

Ready to relive the 2022 Sustainability Spotlight? The full Event Recording is available here. Our 2022 event featured the following presentations:

Opening Remarks – President Eric J. Barron

Sustainability in Strategic Planning – Daniel Newhart

Sustainability in Outreach – Tracey Huston

Sustainability in Global Programs – Roger Brindley

Sustainability Through the Arts Musical Presentation

Students Promoting Sustainability – Nora Van Horn

Sustainability Within Finance and Business – Sarah Thorndike

Closing Remarks – Provost Nicholas Jones

2022 Sustainability Theme – Paul Shrivastava


Welcome Presentation Slide Deck

Feel free to peruse the slides from our “Welcome Slide Show.”  Featured you will find the accomplishments of Penn State Sustainability Councils, Affiliates, Upcoming Events, and more!

View the Welcome Presentation Here


Sustainability Through the Arts Musical Presentation

This presentation — titled “those closest to the earth will burn first” — was composed by Leah Mullen and features Meghan Nardella as the lead vocalist,  Tessa Vendetti on the clarinet, Samuel Rothermel playing viola, and Isabella Scotti on the marimba.

The piece calls attention to the disparity in the ways marginalized people will be disproportionately affected by climate change.

“Sustainability Through the Arts Musical Presentation”


Listening Stations Follow Up Activity

Student musical presentations have been made available through our YouTube playlist titled 2022 Sustainability Spotlight Listening Stations. These musical pieces provide the opportunity to visualize our changing future by artfully illustrating climate impact through music and the accompanying imagery.

In the playlist you will find the following three student pieces:


2020 and 2021 Highlight Report Preview

In honor of the 2022 Sustainability Spotlight, we have released a sneak peek of our full Highlight Report, whose release with expanded content will coincide with Earth Day in April of 2022. The following report celebrates our sustainability achievements in the years 2020 and 2021.

We hope you will take inspiration from the following stories of sustainability progress at Penn State.

Read the sneek peek here!