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Watt Meters

What is a watt meter used for?

The electricity used by everday objects can be suprising. For example, using a small space heater for an eight hour workday uses the same amount of electricity as leaving a small flat screen television on for three straight days (about 9 KWh). Even when electronics and appliances aren't in use, many still draw electricity just from being plugged in.

The purpose of a watt meter is to measure exactly how much electricity an appliance uses, when it is in use, versus not in use. It is a valuable tool in identifying opportunities for electricity savings through reducing the time which we use appliances, and unplugging appliances and electronics altogether.

By using a watt meter, we can calculate the cost of our usage, identify opportunities for electricity reduction, as well as the monetary benefits of that reduction, and become more aware of our energy consumption overall.

Watt meters can be borrowed from the Penn State University Libraries. Contact the Earth and Mineral Sciences Library with any questions about borrowing watt meters.

Watt meter operating instructions: