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New Kensington first to achieve campus-wide Green Paws milestone

Lydia Vanderbergh, center, associate director of employee engagement and education for the Sustainability Institute, trained Penn State New Kensington coaches, left to right, Bonnie Godfrey (Business Office), Angie Fisher (Student Affairs) and Susan Dale (Academic Affairs), in April on sustainability practices.
December 3, 2015

Level one certification for reducing waste and saving energy 100 percent participation by faculty and staff

“All in” is the betting standard in Texas Holdem. “All in” is the sustainability standard at Penn State New Kensington.

Accepting a challenge from Chancellor Kevin Snider, New Kensington became the first campus to successfully navigate the requirements for Level One certification by the Penn State Sustainability Institute’s Green Paws program. Since April 1, campus teams have been reducing waste and saving energy. New Kensington is the only Penn State campus with 100 percent participation by its faculty and staff.

“Sustainability is one of the focus areas in our strategic plan,” Snider said. “We can succeed in improving our overall sustainability on campus with simple, relatively easy steps that require only small changes on our part.”

Supported by Penn State's Sustainability Institute, Green Paws are teams of faculty and staff volunteering to take specific actions to help their offices or departments operate in a more efficient, innovative, and healthy way. The groups work in conjunction with the institute’s Green Paws program to earn certificates of achievement.

“Working together through the Green Paws program, New Kensington faculty and staff are building their capabilities to create an environment where discussions about how to create a thriving society and innovations towards that goal are encouraged and practiced,” said Lydia Vanderbergh, associate director of employee engagement and education for the Sustainability Institute. “As the first campus to roll this out to all their faculty and staff, New Kensington is showing its leadership and setting an example for the Penn State community.”

To celebrate the campus achievement, the institute will sponsor a reception at 1 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 9, in the campus Conference Center. Members of the institute will award certificates to the teams.


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