Field Guide to Teaching Sustainability


Penn State’s Field Guide to Teaching Sustainability is for sustainability education what the Peterson guides are for birds, trees, or wildflowers. We have designed it to help our faculty identify pedagogical opportunities, keep effectively spotting them, and eventually become a sustainability education maven themselves. We want to help our faculty transform our classrooms, media, campuses, landscapes and ecosystems, and communities into the educational context for sustainability education.

The Field Guide to Teaching Sustainability makes it easier for faculty to discover, implement, and share good curriculum. It is structured so that you can find assignments created by your peers, connect you with faculty and other sustainability champions across Penn State’s commonwealth system, and to bring you into the fold of the global sustainability conversation. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you should be able to find help here. Once in The Field Guide, you have a number of options: you can learn about sustainability’s multiple meanings as well as share or discover assignments. We have also compiled an extensive annotated list of sustainability education resources including articles and essays, journals from across the disciplines, other university centers and institutes, sustainability education coalitions, and more to which you can contribute.

The Field Guide has been designed so that it’s easy to submit and easy to search. If you need any help, please contact Penn State’s Sustainability Institute.