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Proactive Servant Leadership - We lead and support the integration of sustainability into the practices of those we serve through action, in a manner aligned with the mission of our institution, and that increases its long-term resilience and health.

Humble Listening - We actively listen to students, faculty, and staff to identify barriers to action and knowledge gaps, and act on that information by reducing institutional barriers to individual change, sharing existing and new knowledge broadly and quickly, and directing resources toward filling knowledge needs.

Evidence-Based Action - We prepare for our work, build it upon existing knowledge, pursue it with rigor, and are accountable for its quality and outcomes.

Strategic Risk-Taking - We utilize a systems approach in the use of human and material resources, applying them strategically and respectfully, and seek a full understanding of costs.

Collaborative Inquiry - We acknowledge foundational knowledge, action, success, and failure as vital contributions to learning, and commit to being a learning community that can inspire others to do the same.



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