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Core Competencies

Our primary core competency is that we are a cross-functional institute uniquely capable of forming and convening strategic partnerships to lead change toward sustainability in service to the University. Specifically this means that we:

Interpret - We recognize trends, issues, and opportunities and make a compelling case for sustainability;

Link - We facilitate connection between formerly disconnected people, groups, and resources so that potential synergies can be realized;

Leverage - We apply our capacity where the highest impact will result by focusing work on key “people levers” such as leaders and on “institutional levers” such as priorities, principles, policies, and metrics;

Elevate - We raise to a higher state and/or level of visibility others’ work through communications, facilitation, and support;

Co-create - We engage with Penn State faculty, students, administrators, and staff to plan and deliver value both to the institution and to these constituent groups; and

Provide feedback - We systematically gather data to assess the scope and effectiveness of the institution’s adoption of sustainability and feed this information back to inform plans, policies, processes, and actions.



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