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Smeal College of Business presents 2016 Staff Sustainability Award

Christine Novinskie Olbrich was selected as the winner of Smeal's 2016 Staff Sustainability Award.
September 12, 2016

Christine Novinskie Olbrich, administrative support coordinator and the leader of the Smeal College of Business's Green Team, was selected as the winner of the 2016 Staff Sustainability Award. Christine's leadership of the Green Team featured five events that reached over 70 people. She approaches her work as a servant leader and has proven to be very dependable, creative, hard-working and a real self-starter.  

Smeal's vision is to become a world leader in sustainability education for business leaders. "We won't be able to accomplish this without deep, sincere engagement of our employees," said Erik Foley, Smeal's director of sustainability. "Christine's leadership is making this possible."

In 2016-17, Christine will be added to the Smeal Sustainability Council, a group that previously consisted only of faculty from each of the College's six departments. "The Council all agreed her presence is essential to an integrated, effective approach that impacts everything the college does," Foley said.

The Smeal Staff Sustainability Award is given out annually and honors a staff member who shows extraordinary sustainability leadership. This leadership can be demonstrated by reducing resource use within the Business Building, by proposing new initiatives for implementation, showcasing best practices, or leading and inspiring others to achieve notable sustainability results that support health and wellness, improve environmental impact, and educate peers and students.

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