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New Presidential video spotlights the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub at Philadelphia's Navy Yard

Penn State's Energy Efficient Building Hub drives economic development in Philadelphia
Penn State's Energy Efficient Building Hub drives economic development in Philadelphia
May 2, 2013


A new video from President Erickson celebrates the achievements of Penn State students, faculty and staff from across the Commonwealth. The video spotlights progress at the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) at Philadelphia's Navy Yard. 

The Department of Energy established the EEB Hub) as an Energy-Regional Innovation Cluster (E-RIC) on February 1, 2011. The Hub goal is to reduce energy use in commercial buildings by 20 percent by 2020. The mission is to accomplish the goal through informed people, validated information, and proven technologies.

Despite improvement in component technologies, overall energy efficiency of buildings has not improved over the past 40 years because of industry fragmentation and lack of an integrated whole building systems approach. Commercial buildings consume nearly 20 percent of energy in the United States. Achieving the EEB Hub goal will reduce U.S. energy use by four percent. 

The EEB Hub performs research to develop and integrate materials, technologies, models, and tools to optimize whole building energy performance. Research results are demonstrated in buildings and effects are measured and cycled back to refine and guide continued research for further optimization of whole building performance. The Hub scales adoption of proven solutions by addressing business and finance, education and training, and other issues. 

The Hub is a dynamic performance driven organization comprising 25 performer organizations including prestigious research universities, global industrial firms, and national laboratories from across the United States. More than 150 senior investigators and 90 graduate students are actively engaged in EEB Hub research projects. Key accomplishments to date include:

  • The Hub is currently analyzing and assessing energy use in 6,500 commercial buildings
  • Every hour Hub researchers are collecting for analysis more than 8,000 discreet data points of energy usage in commercial buildings
  • Researchers have identified and mapped more than 500 discreet work activities comprising the energy efficient retrofit design and delivery process
  • Building energy modelers are writing more than 100 lines of original software code daily
  • Hub researchers are performing more than 50 simulations daily to assess alternative scenarios for advanced energy retrofit of commercial buildings
  • Investors have committed more than $180 million of private capital to ten EEB Hub advanced energy retrofit demonstration projects to date
  • More than 3,000 building industry professionals are engaged in Hub research, education, technology commercialization, and outreach programs
  • More than 300 building industry professionals are actively using Hub research results
  • Hub researchers have produced more than 300 books, book chapters, conference papers and presentations, and peer review journal articles
  • The Hub has provided to industry more than 300 professionals trained in integrated energy saving whole building systems solutions through university degree programs

The headquarters of the EEB Hub is the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic redevelopment opportunities. The Navy Yard and the Greater Philadelphia region are the test bed from which the Hub deploys to the nation proven energy saving whole building system solutions.   


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