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Penn's Woods Fellows

Faculty and Curriculum Development

The Penn’s Woods Project supports faculty across the University in their efforts to offer a broad and robust sustainability curriculum, while developing a thriving network of faculty members who incorporate sustainability concepts into their teaching. This support includes offering workshops, colloquia, seminars and other professional development opportunities. Since 2010, sustainability curriculum programs have been offered to all faculty who wish to participate.

In 2014, the first cohort of designated Penn’s Woods Fellows was appointed to become liaisons for sustainability to their home campuses, colleges and departments. Following a “train-the-trainers” curriculum workshop, each Fellow is expected to plan and deliver sustainability curriculum development events at their own campuses and colleges. They also work to identify faculty members who could teach Sustainability 200, the core course for the Sustainability Leadership Minor. The Sustainability Institute staff is available to assist the Fellows with planning and (with sufficient notice) delivery of the curriculum development events, and continues to develop and offer its own short curriculum workshops (at Commonwealth campuses and at University Park).

Faculty members who teach sustainability are not explicitly rewarded for it or even encouraged to do it. They do it because they are passionate about the topic and recognize its importance for the future. Developing and supporting a network of such faculty members helps to maintain their interest. This network is a vector for change among faculty colleagues, students, administrators and staff.

The Penn’s Woods Project is helping to develop a strong faculty community around sustainability, thereby advancing the sustainability curriculum (including the minor) and carrying out the SI mission to link, leverage and elevate the work of sustainability across the University.

2016 Fellows





Jill Murray

Greater Allegheny

Eric Lipsky


Renee Bishop Pierce

Arts and Architecture

Lisa Iulo


Mark Kissling

Liberal Arts

Rosa Eberly

Smeal College of Business

Erik Foley