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Have you ever wondered why some ideas stick and others don't. Step one is getting people's attention and then inspiring them to take action. With the guides, activities and examples we've included in this section, your Team will be able to create enticing messages to engage your audience, making an impact in the process.

Communications Resources by Type


Piano Stairs

An incredible example of The Fun Theory — changing people's behaviors by having fun! In this case, urging people to make the healthier choice, and take the stair due to their musical talents!

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Bottle Bank Arcade

Behavior change can be achieved through fun and games — it's known as the Fun Theory. Check it out in action!

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Caught Green-Handed

See what a few friends did at Denver International Airport on America Recycles Day to reward those who are helping the cause!

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Why Would IBM Conserve Energy?

Check our IBM's commercial, explaining why they are so on-board with sustainability. 

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