Berry, Wendell (1981) Solving for Pattern

August 11, 2015 | Comments Off on Berry, Wendell (1981) Solving for Pattern


Wendell Berry picture courtesy of Salem Press

Wendell Berry’s chapter from The Gift of Good Land has been cited by the Center for Ecoliteracy, sustainability advocates, and environmental educators as seminal. This chapter in particular and Berry’s work in general addresses the way that our economies, our material cultures and traditions, and the land we live and rely on are interdependent. Most importantly, while this essay and most of his work focuses on agriculture, we can apply his 14 ideas to other institutions including schools, energy industries, hospitals, and so on. In the end, he urges farmers – and by extension all of us – to focus on being part of a healthy organism. “Perhaps it is not until health is set down as the aim that we come in sight of the third kind of solution: that which causes a ramifying series of solutions.

Wendell Berry’s “Solving for Pattern”