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Eco Reps

Eco Reps are students committed to creating a culture of sustainability at Penn State. The position is paid through Penn State Housing and welcomes students from diverse majors and backgrounds to encourage sustainable behaviors in the residence halls and throughout campus through fun activities and events. Currently, the program occurs in East and Pollock Halls, where 2-3 Eco Reps engage with residents in each building.

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What do Eco Reps do?

  • Lead activities and events to educate peers on sustainable behaviors.
  • Connect with other students, faculty, student organizations, and staff such as The Sustainability Institute, Housing, and Dining and Food Services.
  • Create, assist, and implement sustainability projects throughout the residence halls and Penn State’s campus relating to recycling, energy, water, and food.

The Eco Reps have had many successes that include the support and implementation of Penn State’s recycling initiatives in East and Pollock Halls. Other successful projects Eco Reps have led or supported include Green2Go, waste audits, competitions within residence halls, marketing strategies, and energy conservation.

Who we are looking for

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The ideal Eco Rep candidate is not necessarily the one with the most knowledge about the environment. We look for people who are enthusiastic about learning about and promoting sustainable living. If you are reliable, good-natured and excited to be a sustainability advocate in your residence hall, we want you! All majors are welcome.

We are looking for students who...

  • are creative, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about environmental and social issues.
  • have effective communication skills (through a variety of means).
  • have the ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • have the ability to learn information about environmental topics and relate that information to your peers.
  • have strong time management skills.
  • are attending University Park campus, living on or off campus.

What Eco Reps gain 

As an Eco Rep, you will gain...

  • Strong leadership, communication, and peer education skills.
  • Knowledge of environmental and social topics.
  • Experience of working with other passionate students, faculty, and campus organizations. 
  • $500 per semester (total $1,000 by the end of the academic year).

Our goal is to increase overall student awareness of effective actions that encourage stewardship and lead to lasting change on campus that benefits the Penn State community now and into the future.

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Contact information

For all inquiries regarding EcoReps, please contact David Manos

David Manos
Assistant Director of Housing and Eco Reps Program Advisor

Ryan Dincher
Eco Reps Student Program Coordinator

Vanessa Lares
Eco Reps Student Program Coordinator

The Eco Reps Program is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Housing, Residence Life, Penn State faculty, and the Sustainability Institute.