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Penn State's clear vision for 20/20 Energy Challenge

March 25, 2014

Are you ready for Penn State’s 20/20 Energy Challenge? The challenge is open to all Penn State faculty and staff by simply contacting a Green Team to request a pledge sheet. Small behavior changes, when performed collectively, can decrease Penn State’s environmental impact and help achieve a 20% reduction in overall energy usage over the next 10 years and a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. 

The goal is to engage faculty and staff in learning energy conservation practices, such as turning off unneeded lights, appliances and electronics. Last year, over 1,300 Penn Staters took part in an energy reduction challenge. “The challenge helped our office to get acquainted with taking these steps and doing them routinely,” stated Jake DeSantis, leader of the Office of the President’s Green Team.

This year, with over 100 Green Teams to join, participants will not only help Penn State, but also contribute to a Green Team winning a prize for the most pledges. All campuses can get involved. “It was a great way to remind ourselves to take those little steps that make a big difference overall,” says Sue Dodson, the Penn State Altoona DUS Advising Green Team leader. The deadline to sign up is March 28. The challenge runs from March 31 to April 11.

To find out more about Green Teams or to learn more about the 20/20 Energy Challenge, visit

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