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Sponsorship of Events

Open Deadline

Program Objectives

Penn State’s Sustainability Institute provides limited, supplemental funding support for speakers, films, and outreach events addressing scholarly and/or creative work on the topic of sustainability. Programs that solicit funding from other sponsors will be favorably reviewed. Funding is contingent on the Outreach Fund’s balance. Requests will be reviewed in a timely fashion by Sustainability Institute staff.

Award Conditions

1    Fund Range: Award limits are usually $300 for a single speaker or film, $500 for a panel, and $1,000 for a conference, project, or festival. Additional amounts will be considered for a major conference, large exhibition, or program of exceptional cost and value. 

• Use of Funds: Funds normally may be used to cover a portion or all of a speaker's honorarium, travel, and lodging or the costs of film licensing, securing venues, and project materials. Other expenditures will require special approval.

2    Funding Limitations: The event in which a speaker(s), films, and exhibitions are featured must be free and open to the public. If the speaker or panel is part of a large fee-based program such as a conference requiring paid registration, the specific lecture co-sponsored by the Sustainability Institute must be free and open to the public. These funds may not be used for expenses related to classroom presentations or non-academic events.

3    Time of Submission: Application for funding from the Sustainability Institute must be made before the event.

4    Funding Period: Arrangements for payment must be made within six months of the date of the confirmation letter. 

Application Materials

1    Application: Complete the online form

2    Vita: Include vita of speaker. 

3    Description of Event: Provide a description of the event that includes an overview of its specific relevance to the study of sustainability (see here for clarification). 


An email will be sent indicating approval or rejection and, if approved, the amount of funds approved and the process for distribution of funds.

Responsibilities of Individual or Group Awarded Support

1    Logistical Arrangements: Arrange for speaker/event room scheduling, AV equipment, introduction of speaker, lodging, transportation, and all other logistical arrangements. 

2    Publicity: Prepare and distribute all publicity including flyers, news releases, and other forms of publicity. Send copies of all publicity, including news releases to Penn State’s Sustainability Institute.

3    Acknowledgement: Acknowledge support from Penn State’s Sustainability Institute in all publicity including news releases. This will include adding our logo to print materials and digital materials (including, but not limited to, websites, social media, and digital signage). Additional, any website or digital media should have our logo hot-linked to our website ( After you receive approval of you co-sponsorship, we will send you the appropriate logo files. Any questions can be directed to the SI’s Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator at

4    Results: The results of a project must be communicated to the Sustainability Institute and relevant stakeholders within two weeks of the project's implementation. Note: If it is an ongoing project, results may be communicated on a timeline arranged with Sustainability Institute staff.