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Virtual Reuse Marketplace


Robert Bylone,
Scott Marks,

About the Project

The Virtual Reuse Marketplace was funded by Penn State's Sustainability Institute's Reinvention Fund at the Harrisburg campus in the amount of $15,000.

A salvaged filing cabinet that is available for free through Penn State's "free furniture" program.The Virtual Reuse Marketplace is a pilot, internet-based material trading platform for surplus goods. The trading platform enables Penn State faculty and staff to post and view listings before sending the goods to surplus operations. The types of surplus goods available include general office items like desks and file cabinets as well as specific types of laboratory or technical equipment.

University Park Surplus and Recycling Operations manages salvaged goods, both those vended externally as surplus, as well as those repurposed internally through recycling operations like the “Free Furniture” program. The project is conducting a University-wide assessment of isolated marketplace-type trading of goods and equipment which may be unknown to UP Surplus and Recycling.

The project will advertise and conduct online, webinar-based training to inform University personnel of the pilot system availability.  Existing Lion Surplus and Free Furniture programs will educate users in the practices of reuse, reduce, and recycling.

Upon completion of the pilot, the results will be assessed through tracking of key metrics like: the avoided cost of disposal and avoided/reduced emissions generation.

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