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Shaver's Creek Discovery Semester - Reinvented!


Mark McLaughlin,

About the Project

Shaver's Creek Discovery Semester - Reinvented! was funded by Penn State's Sustainability Institute's Reinvention Fund at the University Park campus in the amount of $5,000.

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center has hosted and taught the Discovery Semester for the Recreation, Park and Tourism Management (RPTM) Department since 1979. This specific project is to give the design, delivery, and marketing of the Discovery Semester a complete reinvention. The pillars of sustainability and the resources of the Shaver’s Creek–Stone Valley Forest complex need to be better paired together and maximized as a Living and Learning Laboratory for the entire University community. Funding supports the re-design of the semester’s class offerings so they not only continue to serve the RPTM department’s needs, but also the needs of other departments across the campus and potentially across the commonwealth.

The goals of the project are to:

  • better highlight the concepts of sustainability in the content of the Discovery Semester classes,
  • ensure that those curriculum changes are in accordance with the RPTM effort to do the same throughout their broader curriculum,
  • to better promote across the campus this semester’s classes and their impact on students and their lives,
  • and to promote the long-term success of the project team's model of an immersion experience to fellow faculty.

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