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Rachel Brennan,
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About the Project

The Permaculture Learning Centre was funded by Penn State's Sustainability Institute's Reinvention Fund at the University Park campus in the amount of $52,500.

The MorningStar Permaculture Learning Centre strives to provide an immersive experience in permaculture landscape design through student, faculty and community hands-on, active, skill building workshops. The Centre is situated around the MorningStar Solar Home, a net-zero energy research facility located on the University Park campus just off Porter Road. The site location is particularly well suited to showcase sustainable landscapes and is ideally located for town and gown interaction. This facility is often toured by Penn State students, local homeowners, businesses, and organizations.

A spiral herb garden

What is Permaculture?
Because permaculture may be applied to systems as different as one's self or a landscape, there are many different definitions. Each permaculture landscape design is unique because each is tailored to suit different site constraints, opportunities and climatic environments.

Broadly, a permaculture landscape design is a planned environment based on bio-mimicry; mimicking life or Nature. By doing so we follow the time tested sustainable designs Nature has crafted through evolution over thousands of trial and error experiments. If we design well, really following natural systems, we have the science of evolutionary success in our favor.

Latest News

An introduction to permaculture workshop will be held on Nov. 8, offered free of charge. Register now.