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About the Project

Crop Mobs was funded by Penn State's Sustainability Institute's Reinvention Fund at the University Park campus in the amount of $11,450.

Crop Mobs is a cooperative organization working to bring the community and farmers together to introduce everyday people to sustainable agriculture. Crop Mobs organizes a group of volunteers, both Penn State students and community members, to head to a local farm for the day to work together to complete a much needed task with a farmer, all while learning about agriculture and sustainable practices first hand and sharing a local meal together.

Why Crop Mob?crop mobs logo
Crop mobs are designed to help local, sustainable agricultural enterprises complete time consuming, labor intensive, urgent tasks like planting onions, installing fencing, weeding, to name a few possibilities. Hosting a crop mob allows you to accomplish a task with little cost in one morning or one day that might normally take a few days.

Who are the "Mobsters?"
Volunteers include State College residents and Penn State students. No experience is necessary to participate, so skill level ranges from veteran ag enthusiast to first timer. All are interested in learning about sustainability and connecting with their community.

Local farms can sign up to host a crop mob via an online application.

Latest News

crop mobs volunteer plants garlic at the local farm

The first crop mob was held on Oct. 19, 2013 at Jade Family Farm, a certified organic farm near State College. Volunteers learned about the farm, planted garlic all while sharing their stories and networking with one another. By noon the group planted 9,000 cloves of garlic, a task that would have taken the farm own several days to complete on his own.

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