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Penn State Abington’s Cloverly Gardens


Rebecca Skarda,
Kathy Fadigan,

About the Project

Penn State Abington’s Cloverly Gardens was funded by Penn State's Sustainability Institute's Reinvention Fund at the Abington campus in the amount of $12,500.

At the Penn State Abington Campus, there is no form of a greenhouse or a community garden. The produce available on campus is not locally grown, nor is it fresh; and the available foods and snacks in the cafeteria are not very healthy. The only available food and snack options offered to students are fatty and unhealthy instead of nutritious alternatives that a greenhouse and garden could provide.

The project team will build a greenhouse and an accompanying garden on campus. A greenhouse in the campus community will provide benefits to campus life, the surrounding community, and the environment. This greenhouse will be a place where students can study and learn how to care for different types of plant life. It is intended that the greenhouse and garden will serve as a model for other Commonwealth campuses.

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