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Academic Programs Intern

Sustainability Institute
University Park Campus
Opportunity Type: 
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Closing Date: 
Friday, February 3, 2017

The SI Academic Programs intern will support the academic programs strategy, support program functions, and work on original research. Interns must be organized, write and speak clearly, and show disciplinary, extracurricular, or previous employment experience in sustainability.

Duties include:

Academic strategy support: This includes e-mails and/or phone calls, scheduling and calendaring, and related logistical matters for Academic Programs staff and scholars as they carry out the academic programs strategy.

Academic Programs support: Includes emails and/or phone calls, scheduling and calendaring, and attending meetings for curricular development workshops with Penn’s Woods fellows and other faculty and public events for sustainability (films, speakers, panels, etc). The Intern will also update resources and assignments on The Field Guide by reaching out to faculty at Penn State and receiving updates through Google scholar and posting appropriate articles and report.

Original research: To expand the competencies research and our sustainability education publications, the intern will work on an original piece of research on public pedagogy, sustainability competencies, ecological citizenship, and/or sustainability education policy work with SI Academic Programs staff and scholars. The research and writing should be published in a peer-reviewed publication.

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