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National Energy Leadership Corps (NELC)

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The National Energy Leadership Corps (NELC) provides free home energy assessments to homeowners. Assessments are conducted by trained students or volunteers in their local communities, and are designed to promote awareness and create demand for local energy efficiency products and services.

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The NELC mobilizes a cadre of trained energy student leaders to provide free home energy assessments facilitating the education of homeowners about energy loss and energy retrofits of homes. The NELC service learning program trains participants to:

  • Provide customized energy profiles of homes and enable individual citizens to make wise investments of time and resources to improve energy efficiency.
  • Increase energy efficiency of existing U.S. homes to help reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

The NELC also spurs job creation through the coalition by helping homeowners make a personal and prioritized plan for investing in energy efficient products and services.

How can this be free? By conducting energy assessments in their own community, students gain valuable experience and leadership skills. After their training, students are mentored through practical experiences in which they conduct actual home energy assessments in their communities. Learn more.

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