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Name a Room in the MorningStar Solar Center

The MorningStar Solar Home, built for the 2007 Solar Decathlon, creates a vision for 21st century homebuilding that encompasses communities of all cultures, climates, and incomes. Engineered for transport to Washington, D.C., the home was first assembled at Penn State. During the decathlon, thousands of visitors toured the competing homes while the student teams used their homes to score points in ten decathlon contests. At the close of the decathlon, students disassembled MorningStar Pennsylvania and transported it back to Penn State.

The solar home is a net-zero home: it produces as much (and even more) energy as it consumes. It is currently used in sustainable housing education efforts through research and outreach activities.

To learn more about the MorningStar solar home, please click here.

If you are interested in naming a room, please contact us.

Naming Opportunities

A1. Living Space 1 $25,000
A2. Living Space 2 $25,000
B. Kitchen $30,000
C. Bathroom $25,000
D. Mechanical Core $25,000

Name a Room